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ozdigitaltv.com provides information about digital TV transmitters based on publicly available information. ozdigitaltv.com does not represent Australian digital tv broadcasters. If you have questions or complaints about reception coverage, availability or roll out time frame in your area we will not be able to help you. Please refer to:

· The television networks that cover your area.
· The federal digitalready.gov.au website.
· An antenna installer familiar with your area. Consider using installers from the federal digital ready Antenna Installer Endorsement Scheme (PDF).
·  If your trouble is with SBS: SBS Transmission Services
·  The ABC Planned Maintenance Page

Most reception issues will be related to you antenna or wiring, or to your location relative to the transmitter. Antenna installers will be best placed to advise on these issues.

We are happy to receive questions or comments about this website and it's content.