Pechey Digital TV Broadcast Site

Council Site Reservoir Cnr Thompson Road and Grapetree Road Pechey servicing the Crows Nest area.

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Crows Nest Digital TV Channels at Pechey

Affiliation Callsign Frequency Power (ERP) Pattern Polarisation Coverage Map
Seven STQ46 655.500 Mhz 50.00 W Directional Vertical
Nine RTQ47 662.500 Mhz 50.00 W Directional Vertical
Ten TNQ48 669.500 Mhz 50.00 W Directional Vertical
ABC ABC49 676.500 Mhz 50.00 W Directional Vertical
SBS SBS50 683.500 Mhz 50.00 W Directional Vertical

A restack of digital channels is taking place across the country and is expected to be complete by the 31st of December 2014. Some channels at some transmission sites will change frequency, different sites will change on different dates. If you site has been affected you will need to retune you device. To find out if you need to retune and when please check at:

A complete timetable is available at: [pdf]

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Based on Australian Communications and Media Authority data